Vision and Mission

Vision – Dulari Devi Foundation

Gender discrimination and poverty have been plaguing our society since times unknown and woman and children always seem to stand on the front lines of victimisation. Under privilege gives rise to lack of education and awareness which ultimately results in crime and oppression. Dulari Devi Foundation, as a team, has the vision to eradicate these social nuisances and make this world free from any biases and domination.

Our founders and leaders have been actively working for the upliftment of women and children for many years and this NGO is destined to continue their work on a larger scale. We believe every child has the right to education and every woman has the right to her individuality. Our purpose encompasses the development of the lifestyle of women and children of all sections and we tirelessly strive to achieve that.

Our vision – the world we want to see

  • Equal rights and privilege for all, irrespective of gender
  • Equal education for all children and no biases based on gender or financial status
  • Financial independence for women of all sections
  • Zero crime rate against women and children
  • Upliftment of women and children of rural areas with access to necessary resources
  • Reduced gap in the standard of living among rural and urban dwellers
  • Respect for women and appreciation of their dignity
  • To stop domestic violence across all homes
  • Eradicate underprivilege and diminishing poverty
  • We envision:
  • To spread awareness about the cause among youth and old alike
  • To develop a cycle of taking and giving to help all
  • To inspire more people to work diligently for women and children welfare
  • To form an overall environment of respect for all of humanity

At Dulari Devi Foundation, we dream of a world where every woman and child can lead a humane life with no discrimination based on anything. As citizens of a democratic country, we all have equal rights to the available privileges.

Our NGO works to ensure that no human is left behind based on anything and the plight of the underprivileged always has an ear for them. Our vision is to see a tolerant society and we will continue to work for it.

Mission – Dulari Devi Foundation

In our country of 1.3 billion, women and children constitute almost two-thirds of the entire population. Yet, this section is among the most underprivileged, traumatised and neglected. This is true across all forms of civilisation, be it rural or urban, the only difference being in the number of victims. Still, there are staggering cases of human trafficking, female feticide, domestic violence, sexual assault and many more, and it is always the women and children who are majorly affected. The footing of Dulari Devi Foundation revolves around these – to empower women and gift children a proper childhood.

Our Mission:

While there are many governmental schemes available to help the underprivileged women and children of our society, in reality, these do not reach the entire population. As an NGO, we strive to become the vital link and reach out to those who need help and uplift them as a whole.

Our mission includes:

  • Spreading awareness among both the rural and urban crowd about women and children
  • empowerment.
  • Providing education to children irrespective of their gender or financial status.
  • Ensuring a favourable environment for the children to grow in.
  • Helping women in the rural areas to develop employable skills.
  • Assisting women to find suitable work to support their family.
  • Uplifting the health and living conditions of women and children.
  • Fighting against any crime against women and children of any form.
  • To help more women stand up against everything wrong and fight for the right.

We constantly look for and connect with individuals who are willing to work for the cause and provide aid in any form possible. Our founders have been doing it for years and taught numerous underprivileged themselves or helped poverty-stricken women to find their way. We go out of our way to provide assistance and we will continue to do so in the years to come.

To always extend a helping hand

That is our motto at Dulari Devi Foundation. We strive to tackle this ever-lasting issue of women and children oppression and stop the wheel step by step. We have already been successful in many ways but our job will never be done until every woman and child leads a happy life.