Preeti Pandey

Founder of Dulari Devi Foundation, Preeti Pandey has always been a social activist from her heart and soul. She was born in Varanasi to an esteemed and reputed family, but somehow the riches and luxuries that came along never intrigued her. Throughout her academic life, she had been actively associated with various social activities in her capacity and when the professional world came calling, she left her job in the posh corporate sector to become a full-time activist. She was merely 25 years old at the time and she already knew where her purpose lay.

Among the varied fields she has worked in from an early age, Preeti’s primary focus has always been women and children welfare and their upliftment. A short conversation with Preeti will tell you how much it pains her to see children living in an underprivileged environment and being denied their basic rights. The empathy in her is so big that she went to the ground almost every day to teach children in parks and public places to provide them with basic education. She also went beyond this to help poverty-stricken people enroll their children in formal schools and, at times, help the children herself to dress up for the school. She always went further than her capacity to help children and still continues to do so.

Her enthusiasm is similar when it comes to the rights of women as well. She has been actively participating in spreading awareness among the underprivileged women about their rights, defending them against any criminal activity or helping them to develop employable skills to become financially independent. She believes every woman should have her dignity intact and the society does not have the right to dictate their life. She has successfully reached the grassroot level with her message and changed the lives of many women far and wide.

And everything that Preeti Pandey has done for the society has been through her sheer grit and determination combined with her passion. She has not accepted the help or influence of her family and is the perfect example of a self-made woman. Unlike the youth of her generation who are driven by monetary satisfaction, Preeti draws her inspiration and zeal by helping the society. An activist to the core, Preeti dreams of continuing her work till her last days and believes that even helping a single person in need will help her to fulfill her life’s purpose.

It is only through her work that Preeti Pandey has gained recognition. The top national media has covered her story and life numerous times both in print and television. Although she does not want fame for what she is doing, she believes that by spreading the word of her work, more and more people of different generations will come forward to work for the cause. She is already a role model for the youth of current times and an inspiration for many due to the sheer focus that she has shown to follow her passion by renouncing the corporate world. Preeti is already a known figure in the entire country and people recognise her through her work.

Before founding Dulari Devi Foundation, Preeti Pandey was associated with Vishal Bharat Sansthan, an NGO based in Varanasi, where she organised and lead many social activities for various causes. This NGO also the “ANAJ Bank” that works to provide free grains to the poor.

Preeti Panday, along with her team members, looks to expand the reach of her through Dulari Devi Foundation. She has already built a cult in a mere five years’ time and looks to take things further through this NGO. Be it making women self-independent or protecting them against crimes, providing children education or giving them a favourable childhood, Preeti Pandey wants to see everything happen through Dulari Devi Foundation. It is Preeti’s mission to help the underprivileged and her vision to see a better world.